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Dennis Ray Davis (1957, Modesto, California) is a Los Angeles Photographer best known for his commercial and advertising photography. His range of specialties includes food, product, corporate, advertising, portrait and architectural photography.


Commercial Photography

Corporate clients include FedEx, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Insurance, Avis Rental Cars, U.P.S., Hewlett Packard, Intel Corporation, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Owens Corning, NASA, Laidlaw and Airbus. His celebrity subjects include Will Smith, Steven Spielberg, Rex Lynn and Leonardo DiCaprio. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Weekly Reader, Builder, Baking and Snack and PC Magazine.


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Dennis Davis

Photographer and Owner

Mr. Davis just received three certificates in video and TV production from Long Beach City College in 2017.


Richard Stevens

Vice President

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