Industrial Photography

Dante Valve

Based in Bellflower, CA on the edge of Long Beach,  Dante Valve is engineered to deliver. As an international manufacturer and distributor of pressure relief valves, TRAC Regulator pressure reducing and temperature regulating valves, and fittings and flanges, we know the pressure you're under.

Food Photography

Catering Menu

Urth Caffe is a Los Angeles based restaurant chain offering their own line of coffee, bread, pastries and branded products. We were asked to do the photography for their catering menu and catalog. After a week worth of awesome free food, I think I gained 5 pounds during the photo shoot.

Beverage Photography

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Dennis Davis Photography was hired to shoot a social media campaign for Nescafe featuring former teen idol and talk show host, Mario Lopez. We spent a day shooting in a Orange County beach house, a day on the Santa Monica Pier mall, and a day with lesser known actors in a 4 million dollar house. Beverage Photography is tough, some of the pictures of drinks were made by three food stylists and an art director!

Huntington Beach Senior Center

Architectural Photography for Icon West

The Senior Center in Huntington Beach was completed in July 2016 for $13 million. This huge complex covers an entire block, and includes a gym, banquet hall, music room, game room, and much more.

Dennis Davis Photography has shot many of Icon West's construction projects, and the "Twilight Shot" is always required. The image of the building lit up with the amazing purple sky took over an hour to set up, but the purple sky only lasted 15 minutes.